As we have now entered the holiday season I would like to share a poem that was left at breakfast several years ago by a guest. It is simply a reminder of why we do what we do. Enjoy.

Each day without fail you have provided a table
Each day without fail through rainstorm, blizzard, heat, cold

Each day without fail food and fellowship
An expression of the love of God
Ask and you shall receive
Each day without fail

Because of circumstance some of us sometimes have our faith in others challenged.

With each cup of coffee you awaken something inside
With each bowl of oatmeal you feed the hunger for compassion within
The apples and oranges, fruits of your kindness for all to share

Each day without fail
St. Andrew’s is morning sanctuary from criticism and despair,
an even greater blessing
A good way to begin each day without fail
Thank you, you remind me of something Jesus said:
“What you do unto the Least of mine, you do unto me.”